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IARU Monitoring Systems Region 2 and Region 3:
IARU-MS Region 2
IARU-MS Region 3

National Intruder Watch Systems:
Swiss (USKA) Intruder Watch
Australian Intruder Watch

Telecommunication Authorities:
Ofcom Baldock - Great Britain
Bakom - Switzerland
Dutch Amateur Callbook
BMVIT - Austria

Shortwave Propagation Prediction:
VOACAP Online Prediction
DR2W DX-propagation

Shortwave Schedules and Frequencies:
Shortwave schedule

Tropospheric Propagation Forecast - VHF/UHF:
Worldwide Tropospheric Forecast

Ionosondes / Digisondes:
Ionosonde Juliusruh - Germany
Ionosonde Pruhonice - Czech Republic
Ionosonde Dourbes - Belgium
Digital Ionogram Database
Worldwide Digisondes with free access
HAARP Ionosonde Alaska-ARRL-link
NOAA - National Geophysical Data Center

Space Weather - Sun Activity - Aurora - Propagation Forecast:
DK0WCY - Magnetometer - Aurora Beacon
Current Solar Images - Sunspots - NASA
ESA Belgium - Space Weather - Sun Activity
Australian Space Weather Agency
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Sunspots - Aurora
Polar light prediction - German site
NOAA Space Weather Prediction, MDE, Aurora
Solar Ham by VE3EN

ITU Monitoring Reports:
ITU Shortwave Monitoring Reports

Software for Soundcards, Soundcard Modes, SDR:
Soundcard Modes - N7WLO - Powerpoint
Digital Software Collection - Dr. Oliver Welp
SDR Perseus - SSB Electronic
Amateur Radio Digital Software
IZ8BLY´s Website - Digital Software for Soundcards
HAMVIEW - Digital Software for Soundcards
Digital Modes and Software - Homepage OK2PYA
MULTIPSK - excellent multimode program!
MULTIPSK - German Info
Weaksignals - Software for Soundcards
Audacity - Digital Audio Editor - Freeware
EASYPAL - Digital SSTV - Freeware

DX-Clusters, CW-Reverse Beacon Network, VOACAP CW-Skimmer:
DX-Cluster Links
CW-Reverse Beacon Network

Echo-Link - Internet Telephone:
Echo-Link Download

Decoders, Databases, Manuals, Hardware:
Wavecom - Decoders - Hardware - Software - Classifier - Soundfiles - Switzerland
Shoc - Hardware - Software - Datebases - Switzerland
Klingenfuss - Hardware - Software - Manuals - Germany
Hoka Decoders - Netherlands
Medav Analyzer Equipment - Germany
Plath Radio Monitoring - Germany
GO2-Signals - Plath AG - Switzerland
Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring - Germany
Rohde&Schwarz Signal Intelligence - Germany
Krypto500 - Decoder - Comint Consulting - USA
BAZ - Special Antennas - Germany

Digital Modes and Sounds - BC Intervall Signals:
Sigidwiki - Signal Identification
Broadcast intervall Signals and Melodies

HF Radar Systems:
CODAR HF Radar - Info Site
Canadian Surface Wave HF Radar
Australian JORN - Info Site
SUPER DARN - Info Site
TIGER Radar Australia - Info Site
HAARP Homepage
Russian SURA project
AN-TPS-systems -- US-OTH-Radar
Wikipedia Infos about Radar Systems

Shortwave and Single Letter Beacons:
List of Worldwide HF Beacons by G3USF
List of HF Beacons by DL8WX
Mysterious Single Letter Beacons

World Time - check your Clock:
Greenwich Mean Time Homepage

Freeware for Satellite Freaks, showing grey Lines:
satellite trackings (commercial and amateur satellites), sky and stars:

Program HOMEPLANET - Freeware
Star Calc - for Skyfreaks - Freeware.

Satellite Images - Weather Satellites:
ESA MIRAVI - Satellite Images
Realtime Satellite Images
NOAA Images - Central Europe

Freeware for Bearings and Beam-direction-maps:
Create your own Azimuth Map! Freeware.

Anti-Virus Freeware - Standalone Systems:
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Norton Power Eraser

Test the Speed of your Internet Access
ITU Radio Regulations
Homepage of VE3OAT - Important AFU Infos
Southgate Amateur-Radio-Club

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